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Basic Electricity and Electronics


The CertTEC® BEE certifications are accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) to meet ISO 17024 guidelines.

Information About the Certification

The CertTEC® BEE certifications are performance-based online exams.  These exams will test hands-on troubleshooting skills utilizing a multi-meter, function generator, and oscilloscope along with an electronic trainer and test cards.

The BEE consists of 4 individual certifications focusing on basic electricity and electronics fundamentals in the following four subject areas:  AC, DC, Analog, and Digital.

Basic Electricity and Electronics Certification Competencies

To learn more about the CertTEC® Basic Electricity and Electronics Certification competency topics, click here.

What Does the Exam Cost?

The costs for the CertTEC® Basic Electricity and Electronics certification can be found here